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Purchase of the art works

In our Gallery Art Online 24 you will be able to purchase online and pay for the paintings, drawings, sculptures or photographs of the modern artists and sculptors, working in both modern and classical manner, as received or immediately at the Gallery. In our catalogue there are art works of all styles — from realism, impressionism, art nouveau, and surrealism to pop art, abstractionism, hyperrealism, contemporary art and  other.

You can choose the most convenient method of delivery of art works.

Expedited shipping

The delivery of art works in Moscow and the Moscow region is shipped within five working days from the date on which the amount is credited to the account of the Gallery.
The delivery cost is 2000 rubles with the order in the amount of 100 000 rubles or less.
The delivery is free within the order amount of more than 100 000 rubles.

The delivery outside the Moscow region is shipped as agreed by a Customer. We will inform you of the delivery cost within one day from the date on which the order was made. To inquire upon the delivery date outside the Moscow region in advance, please, contact us at +7 (999) 550-31-29 or by e-mail.

Delivery to the Gallery

The art works you have chosen will be delivered to our Gallery within five working days from the date on which the amount was credited or the order was made, to the address: Moscow, ul. Povarskaya 31/29, 1st floor, room VI. You can pay for the chosen works online and also directly at the Gallery in cash or by credit card.

Fitting demonstration

You can order a fitting demonstration of the art works you liked directly in your interior. The ordered works will be delivered to your place within five working days from the date on which the order was made, and you will be able to purchase those works you liked.
The payment for the delivered works is possible in cash in the amount of 100 000 rubles or less, or by credit card to the courier but not limited to the payment amount.
The fitting demonstration cost of the art work can be 2000 rubles or more. You will be informed of the precise valuation by e-mail on the date on which the order was made.
With the purchase of works in the amount of 100 000 rubles or more, the services on a fitting demonstration will be returned to the Customer.

We allow discounts to the regular customers of the Gallery. The discount rate depends on the order cost. You can specify the discount rate in the back office of the Gallery at +7 (999) 550-31-29 or by e-mail.

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Sorting out the art works

Professional managers cooperating with Art Online 24 will help you create a private or corporate collection and also choose the art works for decorating private interiors, public spaces, and offices.

You can send photographs of your interiors to us or arrange an in-person meeting at the time which is convenient to you, and we will sort out the best works for you.

To order an art work assortment

Creating art works on a by-order basis and duplicating

You can not only purchase a work you liked in the online Gallery but also order:

  • a picturesque imitation of your favorite picture or the work’s print from our catalogue;
  • an author’s or release copy of a photograph;
  • an art portrait or a portrait photograph;
  • any art work according to your wishes — from a landscape and sculpture to monumental paintings.
It is enough for you to send us a link of the work that inspired you via e-mail, and we will choose an author for you whose manner of working is nearest you.

To order a painting

Framing paintings and drawings

You can order professional framing of purchased works on our website, including that one which will match the style of your house. You will be able to send us some photographs of your interior where the works will be put, or order a specialist on-site visit, and we will sort out the best framing for you.

To order a framing

Hanging, lighting, and transportation

Our Gallery also renders services in professional hanging and lighting of the paintings, and, if necessary, packaging and transportation of the works, involving only specialized companies with high experience of working with museum exhibitions and exhibit items. Contact us to make arrangements for a specialist’s visit at any time convenient for you.

To order the specialist's visit

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