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Alexey Duplyakov's exhibition 'Reflection'

Alexey Duplyakov's exhibition 'Reflection'

Выставка Алексея Дуплякова "Отражение"

Alexey Duplyakov
18.05.2017 – 6.06.2017

Askeri Gallery presents Alexey Duplyakov’s personal exhibition "Reflection" featuring Ottepel Gallery.

Alexey Duplyakov has graduated from the Design Department of the Higher School of Economics, cooperates as a photographer with magazines InStyle, L'officiel, Grazia, Marie Claire and others. Working in the genre of fashion photography and high society report Alexey pays special attention to composition, details and images of his characters, that demonstrates the artist's eye in his shots. Duplyakov’s creative ideas are embodied in his independent art projects. The photographer firstly succeeded in this direction when his photos from the project ‘Memories’ participated in the annual exhibition "Best of Russia 2015" (contemporary art center ‘Winzavod’). Two years later, Alexey is presenting his solo exhibition in Askeri Gallery. Artworks from the series "Reflection" are selected specially for the gallery.

"Reflection" is a meditative study of the ornamental possibilities of the human body. The author develops a method for the visualization of his thoughts is a kind of kaleidoscope. Transforming monochrome images of body’s fragments the artist dares to provoke the viewer, showing the natural processes of growth and aging, development and mutation that find in his works the nature of artistic phenomena.

A fresh interpretation of the collage in a manner of neoabstractionism allows Duplyakov to open new horizons of anthropological thinking. This technique introduced and developed by Dadaists starts to work in contemporary context in a new way. Full of contradictions, steeped in problems, driven mad by the rhythm of modern life, the human body is re-collected in a holistic, three-dimensional antiandrogenic image.

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