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Art Online 24 at Art Russia Fair

Art Online 24 at Art Russia Fair

Арт Онлайн 24 на Art Russia Fair

ART RUSSIA Fair 2021 1-4 April Gostiny Dvor

At ART RUSSIA fair ArtOnline24.ru presents the artworks of five artists:

ASKERI GALLERY artist Pavel Polanski. In 2004, Pavel graduated from the Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov (easel painting, workshop of T.G. Nazarenko).

During his studies, in 2002, he trained at the Art Academy in KarlsRue (Germany). In 2006 he graduated from the Creative Postgraduate School (workshop of T.G. Nazarenko).

Since 2007 Pavel Polanski is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Lives and works in Moscow.

Polanskis works are restrained in color solutions: gray and sepia tones dominate - Pavel works in the "grisaille" technique and with its help he achieves an associative connection between the image and photography. The world that the artist creates looks extremely realistic, but is full of sarcastic and surreal stories.

The painter Mikhail Blinov, who graduated from the Ufa School in 2006 and 2012 - the Ufa Academy of Arts. In 2014, according to the newspaper "The Art Newspaper Russia", he entered the list of one hundred young promising Russian artists. Literally on March 28, the ASKERI GALLERY exhibition “Game of the Worlds” finished its work, at which a large number of Mikhail's works were also presented.

Blinov works in the academic painting technique. The artist characterizes his own style as “mystical realism”. The characters in his canvases seem to be born out of chaos and emptiness. Embodied in realistic images, they become part of the artistic space.

Yulia Mokhovikova is an artist of Ukrainian origin. Julia works in the style of fabulous neo-expressionism. An architect by education and an artist by vocation, Yulia Mokhovikova formed her style of working with oil and acrylic on her own, having consolidated her drawing and painting course in the French L'école d'art MJM. An important component of the work is the inscriptions and quotation phrases that complement the image and are the author's commentary on the work.

Fedor Petrik - a student of Aidan Salakhova and Sergei Ossovsky. Petrik graduated from the Vladikavkaz Art School in 2008. Until 2016 he studied at the M.A. V.I.Surikov. In 2014 he was awarded the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for academic success. A participant in numerous projects and exhibitions, Fedor creates "Chelobrekov" - unique author's sculptures from high-strength sculptural plaster, paints them by hand.

Petr Zaitsev is a famous Moscow architect, co-founder of za bor architects. Since 2018, Peter began to produce sculptures dedicated to topics that are very important for each of us. Most often, Zaitsev uses concrete, metal and wood as the main medium. At the ArtOnline24.ru stand there are two "Patriots" made of concrete.

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