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Red candle

Red candle
Artemova Anastasia
120 × 80 cm; Canvas, oil
583334 RUB

Artist: Artemova Anastasia
Size: 120 × 80 cm
Medium: canvas, oil
Style: realism, figurative art
Genre: still life, scene
Format: vertical
Year: 2020
For: ванной, bedroom, детской , столовой, hallway, kitchen, гостиной, кабинета

Candle series,

In my Candle series, I explored the issue of human emotions and feelings, how events occur during life that leave their mark within the soul. In my works, I compare candles to the inner world of man, constantly changing, transforming. Sometimes it seems to us that life has stopped and the candle has gone out, but that doesn't mean you can't light it up again. We live as long as we feel, suffer and get inspired, each time forming a new crease in the burning flames of our lives.

583 334 rub.
$7,417.57 / €6,559.58

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