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Youka. Self-made artist. The style is called "PsyArt" (psychological art). Basic art education and a higher psychological education. Youka has found an unlimited potential for her creativity in the depths of the subconscious and self-exploration, not only from her point of view as an author, but also from the point of view of a viewer. "I like going deep in the art process. All the time it's a research. I don't paint sketches. Usually I don't have a plan what to draw. I just take a canvas and start to draw. Every time it becomes an adventure for me as well. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result because it is going to be a surprise. After I can look at the picture and ask myself "WHAT DO I SEE"? I'm getting many interesting answers. The key topic for Youka’s art is a person free from the social influence and stereotypes, a person who is looking for his/her place in the world, realizing himself/ herself as a part of something greater. Youka says that the artist's work determines the sphere of his/her interests. In her case, psychology, mindfulness practices, yoga, meditation played a huge role. She doesn't only create art but works as a psychologist, gives group trainings with elements of art therapy and individual consultations. The key focus is dealing with stress and burnout prevention.

Участие в выставках:
2019 “YouSee.gallery”, участие в групповой выставке

2019 “NEWARTFEST2019”, 3 место в номинации «Акрил»

2020 Галерея «Здесь на Таганке», Участие в групповой выставке «Крюкриноксы»

2020 «Артефакт», Персональная выставка: “What do you see?”

2020  «Газгольдер», Участие в групповой выставке.

2021  Галерея «Здесь на Таганке», Участие в групповой выставке «Смотрящий за землянами»

2021 Арт-проект “ProWincia”, Участие в групповой выставке «Горизонт событий»

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