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Yakuncheva Margarita

Yakuncheva Margarita

Якунчева Маргарита

Margarita Yakuncheva is an artist-painter, a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. (Born 1986, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region)

      When I was 5 years old, my parents, leaving the Siberian frosts, decided to move to the south - to the sea. I think that it was it, which seemed to the child such an endless expanse, that formed in me the thin and fragile basis of a dreamer, a romantic person.

At the age of 16 she graduated from an art school of arts, and very soon she faced the choice of a further specialty. The rational approach of my parents had its effect and I devoted many years to economic science, graduating from the accounting and finance department at the university. And yet the passion for art never left me - I have always painted. At the behest of the heart and for the soul.

      Only after stepping over the 30-year mark, I left the economy behind and went into creativity with my head. She began to develop the technique of acrylic painting and comprehend the basics of oil painting.

      The same inner dreamer who grew up by the sea began to dream

experiments, and I turned all my attention to abstract art.

It became a real immersion in the pointless.

Observation of textures and natural forms, proximity to the earth, everyday life and its simplicity, the search for life and philosophical questions, which I strive to reflect in my works.

        Currently I live in Krasnodar. I have a small workshop where I learn the basics on my ownartistic literacy.

        At the heart of my art is an emotional component, immersion in unconscious and pointless art, the study of space and its transformation in accordance with a personal attitude.


For me, art is the personification and embodiment of life energy - energy that penetrates the space of the deepest emotional layers. Energy that awakens inner light. This is the integrity of my feelings, emotions and impressions.

It gives the person looking at my work space for imagination, the opportunity to join me, experience with me.

   Участие в выставках:
2019 — Персональная выставка абстрактного искусства «Беспредметное», галерея «Глюк» Михаила Смаглюка, г.Краснодар.
2019 — Благотворительный аукцион-выставка фонд «Край добра», г. Краснодар
2019 — Групповая выставка современных художников, галерея Wondersweet г. Москва.
2019 — Благотворительная выставка-аукцион «Ангелы», галерея Бронзовая лошадь, г.Краснодар.
2019 — Групповая выставка современных художников «Весна внутри нас», Краснодарский Органный Зал, г.Краснодар.
2019 — Групповая выставка современных художников «Стужа», галерея искусств Особняк, г.Краснодар.
2018 — Групповая выставка современных художников «Мужчина и женщина», галерея Бронзовая лошадь, г.Краснодар.

    Работы находятся в частных коллекциях в России, Швейцарии.

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