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Videtskikh Valery

Videtskikh Valery

Видецких Валерий

Valery Videtskikh, Russian artist, member of the Union of Russian Artists, participant of International exhibitions.

The Artist was born in 1948. Big interest to creativity has woken up from the earliest years. The childhood of the future artist  passed in the famous dacha of Russian artists in the city named Goryachy Klyuch which predetermined further success.

Valery Videtskikh was very enthusiastic about painting before going to  school .

Valery Videtskikh is purple of experienced mentors, venerable artists of the Soviet era – Mikhail Malyshev and Yury Skorykov, teacher of the Leningrad Academy of Arts.

Even in his youth Valery Videtskikh used to visit the dacha with big pleasure where artists of different directions gathered regularly during the USSR times. The mentors of  the artist were famous artists – Mikhail Malyshev, Yury Skorykov, Victor Prebylovsky, Gair Arakelyan, Vladimir Kalyagin.

Valery Videtskikh confirmed the status of the artist when graduated from the Krasnodar Art College in 1981. The artist moved to St. Petersbourg in the same year. There he worked in the Hermitage. Also the artist learnt the secrets of Dutch painting, ceramics, porcelain, overglaze and underglaze painting.

Valery Videtskikh was personally awarded  the medal and  the diploma by the President of the Academy of Arts Zurab Tseretele after  participating in the exhibition held in Sochi “Pure Water”.

Valery Videtskikh has created about all over 1500 painting works. The pictures give the audience many positive moments, harmonize space and teach to see the Beauty of the nature and surrounding world.

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