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Tishchenko Anton

Tishchenko Anton

Тищенко Антон

Anton Tishchenko was born in Novosibirsk in 1991. He began his career in 2005 with graffiti and calligraphy. Since 2009, sculpture has become the main focus of his art. Anton is a self-toughed artist who learned all the processes and practices art by himself. Studying the shapes and dynamics, the author recreated the sculptures of the great masters.

The author finds inspiration for his works in nature, philosophy, psychology, and as well as in the work of other artists. In collaboration with contemporary Russian and foreign authors, he created bronze sculptures based on their paintings.

Since 2016, the author has been studying the topic of duality in his works. The main motive in the author's work is an internal dialogue. The works reflect ether the confrontation, or the interconnection of good and evil parts within human nature. In Anton’s research, immersion in the study of this topic uncovers new facets and opportunities for artistic expression, images develop, and reborn.

The debut sculpture of the “DUALITY” project -  “IDOL” - was the foundation for the plaster bas-relief Duality Cat. The Duality Cat bas-reliefs have found their places on city walls in Russia, England, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and others. In 2020, the creative exploration of the Duality Cat’s image led to the creation of a new artistic unit of dimension - the Dual Pixel. The usual square pixel, as it is, splits into two identical halves. However, they can be connected into a whole unit only by rotating one pixel relative to the other by 180 degrees. The opposite of views is the basis of dualism. Using dual pixels in his works, the author creates mosaics that distort the usual understanding of the pixel art.

•Bronze memorial for AYS hotel in Sheregesh resort, Russia 2014
•Bronze sculpture for Amar Stewart solo exhibition in Brooklyn, USA 2016
•Bronze sculptures for Pokras Lampas solo exhibition in Dubai, UAE 2017
•Bronze and gypsum sculptures for Pokras Lampas solo exhibition in New Manege, Russia 2018
The whole world around us is about Dualism. Day and Night, Black and White, Yin and Yang – are codependent antagonists. They are so different, but only complete in symbiosis.

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