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Dubinets Tatiana

Dubinets Tatiana

Дубинец Татьяна

Born on June 29, 1993 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after I. Repin (SPbGAIZhSA).

I call my painting "Perceptual", that is, figuratively sensual. The plots that especially attract me are the architecture of historic cities. Having captured the images of what I saw in my mind, later I embody the memories on canvas in order to share with the viewer how beautiful the world and everything around us is. Works are in private collections in Russia, China, England, Germany, Czech Republic, and the USA. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the youth association of the Union of Artists of Russia, ROO "CXR" since 2013.

Group exhibitions:

2012-2013 – «Ferodiz» (Zheleznovodsk)

2012 – «Donskaya Palitra», medal of the festival, diploma of the 1st degree (Rostov-on-Don)

2012-2020 – «Art-Rostov» (Rostov-on-Don)

2013 – «Stars Bridge» (Moscow)

2013-2015 – «Green Project» (Moscow)

2013-2014 – «DA! Fest» (St. Petersburg)

2014 – «Holcim» 1st degree diploma (Zurich)

2014 – «COMBO COMPETITIONS» (New York)

2015 – «Father», 1st degree diploma (Rostov-on-Don)

2017 – «ARCHICHANCE» (St. Petersburg)

2019 – «Horizon» (St. Petersburg)

2020 – «Time of pride» from the production center #NET (St. Petersburg)

During the period from 2018-2020, three personal exhibitions were held in the city of St. Petersburg.

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