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Levadnaja Svetlana

Levadnaja Svetlana

Левадная Светлана

Svetlana Levadnaya was born and raised in Crimea, Russia. She studied fine arts in Aivazovskiy Art School, violin and piano in music school. 1996 she entered the Taurida National University (Simferopol), the Department of English and French languages and literature. Three years later, in 1999 she moved to Heidelberg, Germany to study Chineese and Japanese languages and literature at Heidelberg University, while continuing to work towards her master degree in Russia. In 2001 she graduated from the Taurida University and stayed in Heidelberg for 3 more years to study and travel around Europe. In 2004 she made the decision to move to Moscow, Russia, to launch her own high end clothing line taking inspiration from Russian traditional aesthetics. Through all these years Svetlana continued developing her own style in oil paintings. From 2004  she has been taking part in multiple group exhibitions and had  her own solo shows at the museum of Modern and Contemporary art, Moscow, the Museum of Art in Yaroslavl, multiple private galleries. In 2005 she was invited to become a member of International Federation of Artists. In 2013 she became a member of United designers of Moscow. Her clothing and accessories line Levadnaja Details revolutionized the luxurious segment of Russian fashion by brining the concept of Russian ancient traditions into the modern wardrobe of chic and elegant metropolitan woman. All the pieces of Levadnaja Details with the signature intricate hand-made embroidery take inspiration from deeply researched ancient Russian costume. In 2016 Svetlana Levadnaya launched her line of porcelain and faience sculptures Levadnaja Ceramics. Her artworks remind us of the half way open flower blossom or rough shapes of vessels  with the reference to ancient times. “My ceramic life began as a harmonious continuation of my work in the design of clothes and jewelry. I have been working with embroidery for 12 years, therefore both fingers and eyes feel the work material, relief, color ratio perfectly. Since childhood, I have been thinking in forms and texture, and this is probably the only language that I unconditionally understand. In my work with ceramics, what attracts me most is how to convey motion in static”.
Professional principle of Svetlana: “do not create an item, create an idea. The subject itself will grow in the idea. It is necessary to work not just within the brand, but to create a whole layer of Russian modern culture, where in addition to the clothes of our brand, the world of the house, sculptures, wooden objects, pieces of furniture and decor are represented». The Levadnaja Details brand is a participant in the international exhibition: Masters and Art in the Louvre, Days of Russian Culture in Tenerife, the Art Festival in Oman, fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, Moscow. In 2017, Levadnaja Details clothing was presented at a show at the State Historical Museum.

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