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Sokolov Igor

Sokolov Igor

Соколов Игорь

In the works of Igor Sokolov, orderliness, proportionality and geometric completeness are important.  This is a reflection of his ideas about the shape and space of the world, a certain mathematical interpretation of the cosmos, the universal language of the universe.

 The series of works “Look and you will see” is a synergy of photo art, music and modern choreography.  Ideally symmetrical parts of the city, nature and us, born of reflection, reinforce and complement each other, creating new patterns in the mind.  Following the signs, the observer unravels the laws of motion expressed on the canvases and in himself.  Look around, look at yourself.  And you will see.

Igor Sokolov was born in Simferopol, Republic of Crimea. He spent  a lot of time there with his family, always returning there in the summer. Mountains, sea, forest - the nature of Crimea is diverse and beautiful. Maybe here it became a habit to stop looking at natural objects, as at installations presented by the artist?  Parents lived in St. Petersburg, which in itself is a piece of urban art. A mixture of architectural styles, parks, organically integrated into the life of the metropolis - all this formed an artistic taste.

 From childhood he was engaged in ballroom and social dances, was fond of music and photography.  15 years of dancing has brought results - Igor is a multiple finalist and winner of city and international ballroom dancing competitions, a silver medalist of the St. Petersburg Championship in 2014.

 In 2010 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics “Inzhekon”.  Faculty of General Management, Department of Organization Management.  He didn’t work in the specialty, and after a while he entered, after a big competition, at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory to the vocal and directing department at the department of directing ballet, graduated in 2019.  The teacher of the art of the choreographer is the main choreographer of the musical comedy theater Romanovsky V.V.  Igor, a participant and a laureate of the project “Young Ballet Incubator” for young choreographers, also managed to stage several productions at famous venues in the city.

 Passion for photography was strengthened and developed thanks to the professional occupation of choreography as a stage art.  His photographs are a continuation of the creative path begun as a choreographer.  Studying the laws of motion, spatial and temporal proportionality, he became convinced that these laws are valid in all spheres and forms of life.  He would like the viewer to regard the work as a kind of impulse, a source of energy for the work of consciousness and subconsciousness.

In his works, the style of which is described as Visionary art, he seeks to apply the principle of artistic synergy.  Perfectly symmetrical parts reinforce and complement each other, creating a new one.  A kind of exit to a new level, where everything familiar takes on a different meaning.

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