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Shchegol Elizaveta

Shchegol Elizaveta

Щегол Елизавета

Liza Shchegol is an architect, researcher. Is engaged in restoration, research of monuments of constructivism. The main direction of creativity is the study of the volume of color in space. Space is created by color. Color is the fullest expression of all living things.

ARTIST STATEMENT: All my life I paint. In my family since the XVIII century someone plays music or draws, or writes scientific articles. ⠀ It was logical for me to paint. ⠀ For a long time I painted as an architect. Architect is an exciting profession, especially in restoration. Each building is a treasure chest-stories, atmosphere, finds of unprecedented beauty and grace. ⠀ Look at the skeletons of buildings at the moment when the floors were removed. These are the ribs of the house, powerful as the bones of a mammoth. ⠀ Or the layers of paint on the walls-light, fragile, like the wings of moths. Details tell the story in their own way-through household trifles-special alloys of nails, custom latches, kumachev Wallpaper... ⠀ I could not capture in the photo all that I see and feel, being present at the construction site, and I began to draw in the subway, in a notebook, hurrying to fix what I saw. ⠀ Then the time was not enough, the drawings became more complex. Felt-tip pens and pencils were scarce. I would come home and sit over my painting until two or three in the morning. ⠀ So I became an artist. The beauty of the world was too obvious for me. I paint because I can't. This is my way of communicating with others. Now since 2015 year I sell my paintings. I made an exhibition in Wooden Door place in Moscow (march 2015) and take part in exhibition with art group Lapsha in GreenDoor place in Moscow (2-24 nov. 2019). My dream is to live where I can draw, inspired by the water surface, clean air, garden. I dream of the sea and the ocean. That's why there's so much ultramarine and emerald in my work. Part of the ocean is in everything that surrounds us, because once there was only him. 2015 - personal exhibition in Wooden Door place in Moscow 2019 - exhibition with art group Lapsha in GreenDoor place in Moscow

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