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Sazonova Irina

Sazonova Irina

Сазонова Ирина

Born Apr 28, 1983 Grozniy, Russia
Art and Design Municipal High Schooll;
The Russian International Acadamy for tourism, 2000-2006;
Bachelor in Graphic Design, 2003-2009.

The prevailing theme of the ocean, seaside and attractive and delicious food objects in my still lifes is not accidental. During my 13 years career in graphical and printing much of the connoisseur of my creations were restaurateurs. My work is closely linked with the photography and photographs. I saturate the simple scenes with colors of life and tastes, enhance them using graphical software, design the layout for the publishing. To be an artist has a much broader meaning today. Since 2018, I completely went into painting. My art iguratively, with a reference to romanticism. In each mine The picture reveals a hidden meaning. These are my life sensations. I bring beauty and harmony. It’s important for me to create paintings filled with calm and thoughtfulness, ease and smile. I carefully think over the color and mood of each work. I paint with oil on canvas, and also use mixed media, leaves, barn board. In my paintings there is always air and airiness. Flying draperies, feathers, wings - it's all mine. Since I’ve worked in the advertising industry for over 10 years,I am interested in studying various topics. I'm creating limited collections of paintings.


October 2018 - collective exhibition in the gallery "IZO art gallary",
February 2019 - collective exhibition at the "IZO art gallary",
July 2019 - personal exhibition in Obninsk
November 2019 - collective exhibition of the ICC, Kaluga
February 2020 - a collective exhibition in conjunction with the
"IZO art gallary" in Artplay, Moscow
May 24 2020 - a collective exhibition in conjunction with the
"IZO art gallary" in Artplay, Moscow

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