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Mikhelson Fridrikh

Mikhelson Fridrikh

Михельсон Фридрих

Fridrikh Mikhelson is a young St. Petersburg artist working in the author's acrylic-adhesive technique. He graduated from the faculty of "Decorative and Applied Art". The prism of his creative perception absorbed the masterpieces of the masters of minimalism, abstractionism and postmodernism, and created a completely distinctive artistic style. Through a unique technique, blue and green colors reveal unexpected edges in familiar portraits, still lifes and landscapes each time. For Fridrikh, painting is the same as breathing air. Each work is an open window to the world of aesthetic satisfaction in the interior.


Participation in exhibitions:

- International Exhibition of Young Artists (2016, Orsha)

- Regional exhibition of young artists (2016, Smolensk)

- International Exhibition of Young Artists (2016, Gagarin)

- "III Art Alphabet", the project "Newspapers" (2017, Vitebsk)

- Festival of Jewish Culture “OH! WEI!”, Project “Photo Album” (2018, St. Petersburg)

- Personal exhibition "Salad" in the restaurant-hummusia "Mamele" - (2018, St. Petersburg)

- 7th Independent Art Fair, port Sevcable (2018, St. Petersburg)

- The project "Midday North." Exhibition dedicated the 80th birthday of A. D. Severny (2019, St. Petersburg)

- Project “Processed cheese blooms. Friendship is 55! ” (2019, St. Petersburg)

- Exhibition-fair of contemporary art as part of the Petrodzhaz festival (2019, St. Petersburg)

- Personal exhibition “Green Notebook” in the gallery of the Rosbalt news agency (2019, St. Petersburg)

- The project “Russian Seasons” in the ARTMUSE museum (2020, St. Petersburg)



- For participating in the “Gagarin Spring” (2016, Gagarin)
- For participation in the "Regional exhibition of young artists" (2016, Smolensk)
- For participation in the "International Exhibition of Young Artists" (2016, Orsha)
- For help in organizing and conducting the exhibition "Legends of Montparnasse: Modigliani, Soutine and Others" (2017, Faberge Museum)
- For his contribution to the development of Jewish culture (festival “OH! WEI!”, 2018)
- Certificate of holding a personal exhibition in the ARTMUSE (2020, St. Petersburg)


- Medal "For Contribution to the Development of Russian Art" (2020, St. Petersburg)

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