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Matlashenko Alina

Matlashenko Alina

Матлашенко Алина

Stylist, editor, in the fashion industry for more than 7 years. In the recent past, she worked as an editor of Internet projects of the Moscow TSUM at the Miroslav Duma. In 2014, she founded her own brand Alina Matlashenko.

In Russia, there are no technique analogues of fashion collages Matlashenko.

All collages Alina creates manually, without the use of photoshop and other computer programs. Thanks to this figure perfectly conveys the texture of the paper, which shows each connection gluing, each "seam" cuts, the picture looks three-dimensional and "live".

"I started making collages for myself, just took scissors and started cutting. By that time I had enough interesting illustrations, which serve as a source of inspiration and material for the creation of works. I never wanted to do something in photoshop, because if you do a collage by hand, the thoughts and ideas as if "flow" from the head through the scissors on paper. Once all the parts of the collage are ready, I collect it and then glue it together. And only then I photograph and process quite a bit. The picture is ready. But initially everything was done manually."

Alina's collages can be seen in Russian and Western gloss, among the collaborations of works for Elle Kids, Spanish TENMAG, Canadian NORD magazine, Greek art edition NOMAS, American Contributor magazine, Superior magazine (Berlin/London/new York). Her works also adorn private and public interiors.

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