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Krasnov Stepan

Krasnov Stepan

Краснов Степан

Short biography

Was born in 1983, live and work in Moscow. I started my artistic practice with traditional graffiti in 1997. Later experimenting in street art, and created several series. Then continued to work in the public space, and participated in exhibition projects. Studied at the Berlin Art School and the Free Workshops of MMOMA. Now I also work in public space and do some project in galleries and museums.


2017-18. “Free Workshops” MMOMA, Moscow

2011-12. Berlin Art Schcool

Prizes and nominations.

2014. MOST street art awards, (non-competitive nomination, prize for contribution to the development of street art) , Moscow

2008. Museum ART4RU, nominations “You Artist”, Moscow

2007. “Black Square”   ArtMoscow Workshops, Moscow

Solo shows.

2020. “Circles”, CCI Fabrica, Moscow

2019. “Hidden Content”, CCI Fabrica, Moscow

2009. “Contraband”, ATM gallery, Berlin

2009. “Contraband”, Redspective gallery, Berlin

Group exhibitions.

2018. “Comfortable art”, MMOMA, Moscow

2018. “System of secret signs”, MMOMA, Moscow

2018. “AR|T|BAT”, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow

2017. “There, where to anybody does not dream: from sacred geography to not-place”, MMOMA, Moscow   

2016. “Selfie”, Redpipe Gallery, Los Angeles

2016. “Absolute Freedom”, Mission Gallery, San Francisco

2016. “Do you speak my language”, Marrakech Biennale 6, Marrakech

2015. “StreetArch”, Architecture Museum, Moscow

2014. “Red light district” Jardin Rouge , Marrakech

2014. “Tranzit Zone”, Permm Museum, Perm

2013. “Frontir”, Art and Science Gallery, Moscow

2012. “War and Peace”,X-MAX Gallery, Ufa

2009. “Night of Museums” Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2008. “Tales of Young Brothers” Art and Science Gallery, Moscow

2007. “Adaptation”, M’ARS gallery, Moscow

2006. “Street Art”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Press coverage (i.e. publications in mags).

2012. Isskustvo magazine

2011. Juxtapoz

2010. ABC de Sevilla

2010. Heraldo de Aragon

2009. Berlin MGZN

2009. Outline Magazine

2008. Urban Roots

2008. Hooligan magazine

2008. Mural Art Book

2008. Le Courrier de Russie

2008. Afisha Kiev

2008. Moscow guide

2007. Vedomosti

Sales history. Auctions and art fairs.

2009. “Bright Art Fair”, Frankfurt

2007. “ArtMoscow”, Moscow

Private collections.

Montresso Foundation, and some private collection in France, Spain, USA, Germany, Singapore, Russia

About the artist: style, medium, materials, ongoing topics, main conception, inspiration sources, ways of communication with the spectator.

Now I work in the style of neopointillism. In the public space, and with a more traditional medium - painting and objects. I use plastic techniques from traditional painting with elements of digitalism. for work usually use acrylic paint.

«artist’s statement».

The main theme now in artworks is - censored. Withholding information, misrepresentation, and complete blocking. Censorship in the contempoprary arts, ban music concerts and movies. Restrictive measures on the Internet, like this modern Russia lives now. Antiutopia becomes the norm of life. And now my artworks about it. We see the work but we can't know the subject. Maybe it's advertising, political propaganda or objectionable statement. We can't find out because its “Hidden Content”…

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