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Klimanova Marina

Klimanova Marina

Климанова Марина

Klimanova Marina was born in Ryazan in 1981. In 2002 she graduated from Ryazan art school. Wagner of Ryazan, on a speciality the artist teacher, in the Studio of A. M. Kovaleva. In 2008 she graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of arts and industry. Baron Stieglitz, on Department of monumental decorative painting, in the Studio of prof. Exhibitions: 2009 -"Painting" solo exhibition in Ryazan art school. G. K. Wagner. 2009 - "Beauty of Orthodoxy" personal exhibition in the Ryazan Philharmonic society of a name of Sergey Yesenin. 2009 - "Generations of talents", group exhibition At the Museum of the history of the youth movement, Ryazan 2011 - "Monumental sea" solo exhibition in the art salon "at the old crossroads", Ryazan. 2012 - "Strings of the soul" solo exhibition at the Ryazan Philharmonic named after Sergei Yesenin. 2012 - "Spring melody" solo exhibition in Ryazan children's art gallery. 2014 - "Painting" personal exhibition in the salon "at the old crossroads" Ryazan 2016 - " sea "personal exhibition in the salon" at the old crossroads " Ryazan. 2016-participant of the exhibition "Ghosts of the future" in the framework of the opening of the gallery of modern art "People". Ryazan. 2016-participant of the exhibition "70 years of the Department of Monumental and decorative painting" great exhibition hall of the Academy. Baron A. L. Stieglitz. Saint-Petersburg. 2019 - "infinite" solo exhibition in the gallery "happiness Lane" Ryazan. Paintings executed in the style of expression of aNISM. Bright, juicy, graphic colors convey the mood and thoughts of the artist. There are her works in private collections in Russia, America and Europe. Awards of the artist: 2013-Diploma of 1 degree in the nomination painting for the work "Love". For participation in the international exhibition-competition "I want to tell about it". Ryazan. 2014-Diploma of 3 degrees for a series of lyrical landscapes. International art exhibition "Secrets of life" in CHA Moscow. The artist is a member of the creative Union of artists of Russia. Paintings painted in the style of expressionism, Express the harmony of forms, lines, color spots. Bright combinations have their own idea and meaning. Works made in the style of expressionism, perfectly fit into modern interiors, complementing the design idea and the idea of beauty of the house. Also, such modern works will be an ideal investment for future offspring, being part of your collection.

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