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Dynkina Olga

Dynkina Olga

Дынкина Ольга

Dynkina Olga was born on June 28, 1988, Vladimir.

In 2010 she graduated from the Ivanovo State Textile Academy, Department of Costume Design and Textile named after N.G. Mizonova.

OLGA DYNKINA clothing brand was established in 2015.

A series of graphic works with bears was created as prints for the clothing collection. Now Olga developing this theme and expanding the range of application of her graphics, creating large interior work. The artist often integrates her drawings and images into various types of applied art - be it clothing, paintings, textiles, ceramics, etc. The image of a bear is the leitmotif through all the designer's collections. Despite the associations with the character, the author is not trying to scare us with a formidable beast. Olga's bears are like tamed kind creatures, shown in all their natural power, beauty and grace. And this is the author's special talent - to work miracles, skillfully combine the incompatible, add things that cannot be together in ordinary life.

Olga's technique is digital graphics. When creating a picture, she uses a collage technique and works with a large number of layers, in which she uses her library of spots, textures, backgrounds, brushes that imitate a pencil, watercolor, ink.

A special place in the work of the author is occupied by portrait graphics. Olga creates sensual and beautiful portraits, showing that beauty can be completely non-canonical. The heroes of her works are often our contemporaries .There are human characters, with their own charisma and talent. Olga has a complete falling into the subtle matter of her creative world. This is a very important ingredient in the birth of a portrait.

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