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Chukhnin Dmitry

Chukhnin Dmitry

Чухнин Дмитрий

Artist Dmitry Chukhnin was born in Moscow in 1990. He studied at the Pushkin art school. Then he entered the Moscow Architectural Institute of Moscow Architectural Institute. Having finished it in 2011, fully engaged in painting. He is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

He is currently writing monumental paintings and working in the direction of “color graphics”.

“In art, I am attracted to images that can tell a story about themselves. What has seen life, but like any product, has its expiration date, and the stage of its expiration is the subject of my excitement. Such images are fraught with a unique scenic character and aesthetics. The images in my paintings are extremely close up. I want the viewer to have a direct dialogue with the picture, face to face. In the bustle of everyday life, a person flies through the expanses of time, not noticing how reality leaves him, washed away like sand by a wave. My task is to make a person stop for a moment and pay attention to what is slipping away from his gaze or almost completely erased from the memory of our history. ”

2011 - personal exhibition "From the inside" in the art space "Iwant".

2013 - participation in the group exhibition in Galeria Joan Planellas (Spain)

2014 - participation in the group exhibition of the project Secret Art.

2016 - the 5th festival of young modern art ARTWHOART

(festival winner)

2016 - the 6th festival of young modern art ARTWHOART

2017 - Oldtimer Gallery Exhibition

2017 - present exhibition at Sochi Auto Sport Museum

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