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Bykadorova Katerina

Bykadorova Katerina

Быкадорова Екатерина

Bykadorova Katerina


Member of Association of designers of Russia

PhD in Art criticism

Lectures, Departaments of Architecture and Design Sochi State University

In general my work is focus to creation of a visual field when the fiction becomes more important than reality.  Characters, landscapes and objects feel free to levitate in the painting’s space. Because of it the stories come out slightly surrealistic, but at the same time you can easy recognize the usual world if you choose the right settings.

I try to put down many codes to my works. To fill them up with semantic depth, telling unique stories through them.  My goal as an artist is to dip the viewer in the subconscious, to give people the opportunity to come up pictures to make an interesting journey to yourself.



Sochi College of Art, qualification — Painter


Sochi State University, Qualification -  Designer


 PhD in Art criticism, Moscow State Art and Industry Academy Stroganov


Member of Association of designers of Russia

Professional achievments:

·       Laureate diploma of the I degree of the festival project of the international competition StART, Russia - Europe Youth, 2014

·       Diploma (2nd place) in the International Competition of Contemporary Art Russian Art Week, 2016

·       Silver medal of the VIII and IX Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments for design developments and design objects.

·       Laureate diploma and silver medal of the VII and IX International Forum-Exhibition ROSBIOTECH.

·       Member of international, Russian, regional and city exhibitions.

·       The author of personal exhibitions of painting and graphics.

Works are in private collections in Russia, Italy.

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