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Anomalit Kate

Anomalit Kate

Anomalit Kate


·        got a  NI KOR Diploma

·        “The best work” nomination at the “Children of the Sun” Festival


·        Took part at the “Megapolis: Reconstruction” exhibition

·        Took “the best work” nomination at “Epi Sode 7”


·        got a certificate of «Lexus design award» contest


·        took part at “KOT” festival at Artplay Creative Cluster

·        took part at Fashion week “Long Fashion Weekend” as an artist, Chelyabinsk

·        took part at group exhibition “PRIMAVERA”, Russian Art Park

·        painted a wall installation using own sketches at Moscow Flower Festival, Muzeon Park of Arts

·        took part at Urbanmorphogenesis street art festival as an artist


·        took part at the group exhibition “Funny Carousel”, Zdes na Taganke Gallery

·        organized and took part at the group exhibition Plastartum, Prostranstvo, Flacon Creative Cluster

“Without past you don’t have future”

Color, lines, unknown future, space and words have attracted me from the very childhood. The interlacement of lines and colors in combination can convey my thoughts to the viewers more clearly. I photographed colors and movements, drinking books in. I realized that I am making an imprint of the present that is becoming the past just in a moment. I can't express myself with just copying basic forms and landscapes. Norms and rules fettered me and I couldn't create anything fresh. And only by denying all the academic knowledge, I managed to come back to myself and create my distinctive vision.

That’s how #anomalitism was created. That’s a vision beyond the frames, aimed straight to the future. 


Anomalitism is an investigation of alternative future. Its aim is to show that pecipe of success is in individuality, originality, freedom of all frames and habitual ways of thinking.

This investigation is about human essence itself and his boundless potential, which is just erasing gender and race affiliation and all the stereotypes. 

My vision is showing the importance and uniqueness of everyone.  

There are anomalits on my canvas. They are the mirror of the Universe that’s they are filling with.

I have my own understanding of color, for, and the essence of existence. I am aiming to the future as a new reality of our existence.

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