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Abramova Tatiana

Abramova Tatiana

Абрамова Татьяна

Member of The creative Union of professional artists

Diplomat of the Russian-Italian research Academy of Ferroni (for the preservation of cultural heritage)

The winner of the international competition "140th anniversary of I. Bunin" (nomination-non-traditional technique) - 2010

The winner of the "International salon of author's fashion" (nomination-the best vintage collection) - 2013

Authentic objects of the late 19th and early 20th century, which have artistic and memorial value (lace, embroidery, bead sewing, postcards, feathers, lithographs, porcelain) are transformed by the author into a modern creation of visual art – assemblage (the use of three-dimensional details and objects arranged on the surface as a picture).


Using the motives and means of a bygone era, the author creates his own pictures of images, types and the world around them. Turning to the period of "Russian art Nouveau", the works are distinguished by exquisite historicism. In many works necessary restoration of materials is carried out. All works are accompanied by a detailed description of the materials used in them.


Thus, modern creation of art, made from the remains of once used utilitarian objects, are a unique example of preservation, restoration, use and promotion of the heritage of applied art of the turn of 19-20 centuries in the cultural space of the present.


The creation of Tatiana Abramova clearly show how things can live in a different quality, cause the audience a creative impulse – to try to give a second life to cute family heirlooms.

Participant of personal exhibitions in state museums:

Marina Tsvetaeva Museum (2010 and 2011)

Moscow State Museum- Izmailovo Museum Reserve (2012)

Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum - Nature Reserve (2012)


Participant of art special projects at international exhibitions:

"Doll art" - The state culture establishment of Moscow Museum and Exhibition Association Manege (2011), Crocus Expo (2012)

"Craft formula" - Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre (2013, 2017)

"Salon of the author's doll" - Moscow House of Artists, Kuznetsky most (2013)

"Flea market" - Tishinka Trade and Exhibition Complex (2014, 2017)

"Antique salon" - Moscow exhibition association "Central House of Artists" (2015)

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