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Filyushin Mikhail

Filyushin Mikhail

Филюшин Михаил

He was born and raised in small working village in Bashkortostan Republic in 1990.
Currently lives and works in Moscow. He is an Abstract artist, but his specialty is Molecular
biologist. The main feature of his works is an aspiration to simple and correct forms, reduction of
surrounding world to the several color fields on the canvas.
Included in the TOP-100 of young artists in Russia according to InArt (in-art.ru).

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17.12.15-31.01. group exhibition, cluster ArtMuse, Saint-Petersburg.

16.07-17.07. festival “FORMA”, Art Market, Moscow.

09.01.-11.01. group exhibition in Art Residence, Moscow.

07.04-18.05. group exhibition “Five O’Clock”, Saint-Petersburg.

28.05-30.08. “Abstraction in landscape”, Jart Gallery, Moscow.

07.07-23.08. Workshop 2015: “Sub observationem”, MMOMA, Moscow.

15.07-30.09. STARTinART’15, K35 Gallery, Moscow.

21.11-13.12. “Science-art 2015”, Moscow.

16.12-17.12. art marathon, K35 Gallery, Moscow.

18.12-20.12. “Easy collection”, Agency Art.ru, Moscow.

23.02-14.03. “Abstract Landscape”, Cultural centre “Punctum”, Moscow.

01.08-29.08. personal exhibition “Foam of Days”, Parallel Program of 4d Moscow
Biennale of Young Art, Agency Art.ru, Moscow.

22.11-07.12. Group exhibition in New Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Petersburg.

17.07-11.08. “Workshop 2015: Rejected Reality”, Parallel Program at 3d Moscow
Biennale of Young Art, ARTPLAY, Moscow.

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